Do we replace benchtops in a kitchen, bathroom or laundry?
We can replace your benchtop in your kitchen, bathroom or laundry.

Do we do laminate benchtops?
We use the most reputable laminates and are constantly updating to ensure we have the most recent designs and colours.  Laminate benchtops are the most popular, traditional and versatile.  The range includes Wilsonart, Formica, Laminex, Polytec, Duropal and Polyrey.   Laminate benchtops are the most, traditional and versatile.

Do we provide different benchtop profiles and styles.
There is a variety of rolled edge (post formed) profiles available, timber edge or square edge designs to choose from.  You can select from fashionable styles including the standard flat benchtop, waterfall, coved and drop front.

Can I reface my benchtop?
If your current benchtop is in reasonably good condition and has squares edges, it may be able to be refaced.  It would need to be assessed to see if it would be suitable.

Do we provide free quotes?
We do provide free quotes but this is up to the discretion of the owner.  We are also able to provide a rough quote from your emailed diagram.  Photo’s can also be helpful.  If your happy with the price we will proceed and measure the job ourselves.

Do we do splashbacks?
Laminate or stainless steel splashbacks are available.

Do we provide tiling, plumbing and electrical?
We can arrange for any tiling, plumbing or electrical work to be completed by qualified and replicable trades people.

Do existing tiles need to be removed?
Your existing tiles don’t always need to be removed.  We can advise of this when measuring your job.

Do we do kitchen, bathroom vanity or laundry cupboard alterations?
Some cupboards can be altered and we would be happy to review for you.

Do we fit already purchased benchtops?
We can fit your already purchased benchtops but would need to assess prior.

Do we cut servery tops down?
You will be surprised what a difference removing your servery top will make. We can cut your servery top off which will open your kitchen up.

Do we supply benchtops?
We can measure and supply only if you want to install them yourself.
We can deliver them for you or you can pick them up yourself.

Do we cut dishwashers openings into the cupboard?
We are able to assess if you can have a dishwasher cut into your kitchen and do this for you.  We can arrange plumbing and electrical if needed.

Do we install rangehoods?
We are able to install your range hood and alter your existing overhead cupboards if needed.

Do we do cupboard door replacements?
We can provide new doors for your kitchen, bathroom or laundry cupboards but would need to assess if appropriate.  Great alternative if your cupboards are in good condition but want a face lift.

Do we cut in sinks and hotplates?
We are able to cut in your sink and hotplate. This will be included in the price if we are fitting your new benchtop.  If you have purchased a new sink or hotplate we can fit it into your existing benchtop for you.

Do we make provisions for a wall oven or microwave?
We can make provision for your wall oven, if the opening needs to be made bigger or smaller, we would be happy to review for you.

Do we provide quotes for Insurance purposes because tops have been damaged by water or burnt?
We can assess and provide a quote for the damage. A surface saver maybe an option depending on the area and amount of damage.

Do we install surface savers?
We have both small 330 x 408mm and large 434 x 535mm surface savers in either frosty white or beige colours.  These are a much cheaper option for single burns or a small area of damage.  Ideal for rental properties.